What is a Family Forum? 

WATCH: https://youtu.be/zJ7wRksTf3Q 

The St. Gabriel’s South City Family Forum is a place where families can link with their team and other families to discuss ideas and issues around the services and supports we offer.

It gives families a chance to let us know what’s working well, what isn’t working so well, what you would like to see more of, as well as any new ideas you may have.

There is also time to meet with and speak to other families who are using the service.

How often does the Family Forum meet and who attends?

The Family Forum meets two to four times a year.  It is open to parents and carers of every family we support.

The forum is facilitated by a person who does not work in our Children’s Disability Network Team. The Children’s Disability Network Manager, Aideen Shinners, South City Children’s Disability Network Manager, will also attend each meeting.

How do I get involved?

You will receive an invitation to every Family Forum. You can attend as many sessions as you like.

An important note: The Family Forum discusses general issues and ideas about the development and improvement of service only.  If you have specific concerns about your child, or wish to make a complaint about the service, you should speak to your key contact in the service or the Children’s Disability Network Manager, Aideen Shinners.