St. Gabriel’s is delighted to have obtained Triple Lock Certification from the Charities Institute of Ireland for 2023.

As stewards of public funding and public donations, St. Gabriel’s is very cognisant of the need for good, strong governance. The Board of Directors of St. Gabriel’s work to the standards as set out by the National Governance Code and strive for an effective and efficiently run organisation.

St. Gabriel’s is proud to state that it received its Triple Lock Certification from the Charities Institute of Ireland this year, which recognises organisations who have taken the necessary controls in the areas of annual and financial reporting, ethical fundraising and good governance. St. Gabriel’s fully complies and adheres to the guidelines as set out by the Charity Regulator.

St. Gabriel’s continuously works with local and national agencies and government bodies to improve the policies and procedures that intertwine the organisation. St. Gabriel’s is affiliated to all relevant local and national bodies in order to ensure that we continue to learn, continue to improve and continue to adhere to best practice.

St. Gabriel’s continuously adheres to best practice in GDPR.

St. Gabriel’s has a duty of care to all the stakeholders and works to meet national standards for example HIQA, CORU and the INMO to name but a few.

Good governance is at the heart of St. Gabriel’s and comes from the top-down, permeating the entire organisation.

For further information about what Triple Lock Certification means click here.